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Typically raw juicing is done with a centripetal juice machine, which is done by spinning the ingredients at a high velocity extracting the liquid and separating it from the vegetables and fruits more denser solid material structure. This process adds air, heat, and natural bacteria from the air, which begins the process of fermentation a lot sooner, thus separating the liquid juices and altering the taste within a much shorter period of time.We at PURE FOOD AND DRINK use the latest innovative technology to extract our juices from vegetables and fruits called COLD PRESSED JUICING. This is similar to how extra virgin olive oil is extracted which is the best of the best olive oils. Cold pressed technology adds no air or heat or natural bacteria from the air thus preserving the juices a lot longer provided they are in a stable 35 degrees refrigerated environment. This is the greatest way to deliver the nourishment that the body requires daily to oxygenate, purify, and nourish the blood while supporting and maintaining all the bodies cells in perfect harmony and balance. Raw juicing requires no digestion, which means no energy expenditure which is of great value to the bodies ability to get and stay balanced.All of our formulas are synergistically mixed together creating a delicious blend that pleases the palate while cleansing, nourishing, and revitalizing the bodies’ blood, cells, and organ structures. Within the first week of nourishing the body with PURE RAW COLD PRESSED JUICES one will see and feel the difference that PURE raw cold pressed juices have on skin, hair, nails, breath, and the many more positive effects that are too many to list.Our Logic is simple yet very effective because it is based on providing balance to our running out of time fast paced lifestyles. Adding PURE RAW COLD PRESSED JUICES daily nourishes the body the way the body was created to be nourished naturally providing the fuel for life.